How do I change the brightness of my monitor?

Changing the brightness of monitors on a Mac is easy. All you have to do is use the brightness keys on your keyboard. In such cases where the display device is supported by macOS, it is perhaps easier and faster to use these brightness keys on the keyboard rather than using Cool Menu's "Brightness" feature. Unfortunately, not all monitors are supported by macOS. For example, many external monitors are not supported by macOS. In these cases, adjusting the brightness of a monitor using its hardware controls can be very tedious and time consuming. Cool Menu lets you easily adjust the brightness of external monitors in just a couple of clicks. This, however requires our Helper utility (same as the one used for volume control). Cool Menu will automatically detect unsupported monitors and take you to the web page from where our Helper utility can be downloaded and installed. Once successfully installed, you can easily adjust the brightness of your external monitors through Cool Menu's "Brightness" menu by simply selecting one of the values from 1 to 16.

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