How do I uninstall an application?

Click the Cool Menu icon on the menubar. Go to "Uninstall Applications". Here, you will see a complete list of all of your Apps. Go to the particular App you want to uninstall. Here, you will see two menu items namely "Open" and "Uninstall". Click the "Open" menu item if you want to launch the particular App and confirm it is indeed the App you want to uninstall. Once you are sure about the App, click on the respective App's "Uninstall" menu item. If you are doing this for the first time, Cool Menu may seek your permission for 2-3 locations namely the Home folder, the Applications folder and the macOS partition (all of which are required as per Sandbox regulations). In each case, select the right folder and click on the "Open" button of the Open panel. This is a one time activity. Once you have successfully given Cool Menu the permission to access these 2-3 locations, it will scan and list all files and folders related to the particular App. We recommend you carefully review each file and folder and accordingly select or deselect the required resource before clicking the "Delete" button to complete the uninstallation. Note that it may not be possible for Cool Menu to delete all files and folders due to the sandbox restrictions. Files and folders that could not be deleted by Cool Menu will have to be manually deleted by you by clicking the lens icon, which will open the particular file or folder in Finder for manual deletion. Finally, you can anytime reinspect each uninstallation from the "Uninstallation History" menu.

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