How do I reset "Disk PLUS" user defaults?

Note that the user defaults for Disk PLUS has bookmarks to the Device drives secured by the user for the App to scan and help clean up unneeded data, in addition to the standard settings for any App on the System. Resetting the user defaults will force Disk PLUS to prompt the user to Secure access to the Device drives Selected for clean up again. You may reset user defaults in one of the following ways, depending on your comfort level of operations:

(1) Run the Terminal App on your System, type the following on the command prompt "defaults delete com.SolutionShare.Space-PLUS" and press enter key.


(2) Download the attached Script and double click the file. Please note that this Script will be blocked from opening and you will have to click "Open Anyway" button next to this message IF your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from: setting is Mac App Store

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